Searching for the abducted Europa

Europa, the king's beautiful daughther, was playing as she did everyday with her friends at a Phoenician beach, today called Lebanon, when suddenly a white bull appeared. It was the father of the gods Zeus, who through this metamorphosis seduced and abducted the gentle and credulous Europa to the shores of a remote continent which since carries her name: EUROPA.

After her desperate father the old king Agenor, sent in the world his five sons to search for their sister and none of them came back, it seemed like all hope to find Europa again was definitely lost. The old mother Telephassa sat all day long staring nostalgically out of her bedroom window at the horizon, but Europa never came back.

She blamed herself and felt guilty for having wrongly educated Europa. She wanted to spare her daughter from any sorrow and doubt. Europa was so credulous, kind and helpless and let's say also rather spoiled. She had to have anything she wanted, even this strange white bull which one day appeared at the shore.

Telephassa continued to look out at the horizon and saw only the steep pine trees growing on the slope by the water. Then she wished to have another daughter, who she could educate differently .She should be courageous and strong! She should have the endurance of those pine trees on the slope grasping the rocks strongly with their roots and withstanding all the winds. On the day the little girl was born she was given the name of Europinia.

At the age of 12 Europinia began her quest to search for her sister Europa throughout the world. And that she never gives up before finding her sister, her mother immerse her in the blue river of wistfulness...